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Motivators system changes. For a young student of the Academy of the Future become mentors, who together with him achieve success - and these small, and the larger ones. Who are we looking for? Students or graduates to 30 years of age, active people, with the energy to act, people looking for challenges, which wind up another victory, girls and boys curious, open to other people responsible and involved in everything they do! What you gain: The development of the most valued in the labor market skills: teamwork, communication skills, interpersonal skills and self-organization. The joy of working with a child - his first report to the array will also be your success.

Completely new path of development - including training, promotion, management. The feeling that because of you children of the Future Academy finally feel valuable and important. Work in one of the best social programs in Poland. And more than 1,700 new friends! Volunteers can check up as leaders, coaches, and recruiters PRowcy.

Tutors may also engage in organizing events and fundraising activities. If you are willing to take the challenge to become a mentor and friend, a young student of the Academy of the Future, inspire and win is waiting just for you! Recruitment for the next edition of the program has already started! Move the child to a higher level! Become a tutor in your city! Sign up at:

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